So you want
to meet
the NattyRats,
do you?

natty grey rat

Well, step right up and descend into the mysteries of the sewer. In the dim subterranean tunnels you can check out these crazy rats who get up to all kinds of rat antics.

You’ll meet Brutus, the leader of the NattyRats, and his lovely wife, Stella.

They’ll introduce you to the many, many other rats (more all the time) like Squeaky and Chicken Salad Sandwich.

You’ll hear the story of how they first appeared.

You’ll be stunned by their sartorial splendor and astonished at their amazing adventures.

You can catch up on recent rat news stories, read the latest RattyBlog entries, and get social with the NattyRats on their Instagram account.

You can even sign up to be an official NattyRat fan…and who knows where THAT might take you!

Now what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and enter the weird and wonderful world of the NattyRats.

Pilgrim rats

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